Are you struggling with the management of your IT systems – finding yourself with neither the time nor the money to fully align IT with your business?

With Teqnet Services, you can find your organisation achieving these necessary goals – all at a minimum cost to fit well within your budget.

We have a large amount of experience in the following fields:

IT Services

We provide a full maintenance service for all IT technologies and processes within your organisation. By using the latest IT tools, we will make sure all equipment is consistently kept up to date and performing at the best possible standard – which will allow you to co-ordinate your business more efficiently than before.


We can help reduce the overall operating costs of your existing IT assets and systems by using more efficient technologies such as server virtualization, storage virtualization and cloud computing. These and the replacement of mainframes  with smaller blade server systems, usage of tools for process automation along with the incorporation of better capacity planning will help reduce the size of a single facility (or merge multiple facilities) in order to reduce IT footprint and help you increase funding for new developments within your organisation.

IT Security Consulting

Teqnet Services assists organisations in understanding and improving the security posture of their IT network via the use of the latest technologies.