Website and Social Media

Website Design and Development


At Teqnet, we have experienced Website design and development team who can design and build a website based on your brand and requirement.

We specialise in creating and building websites mainly on WordPress , Magento and Squarespace and other leading CMS platforms.

We provide effective  website design and development service, affordable and competitive pricing structure.

If you have a website already running and you would like to change some or update some of its contents, change image or add new image, we can help you on this. Contact us for more details.





Social Media Presence


At Teqnet, we communicate and engage with your audience using our Social Media Technology. We focus on developing relationship with real audience and take them on a journey online with your brand.

By using Teqnet, you can focus on your day to day business activities and we look after your brand presence on Social Media online.

We can look after your day to day blog posting and sharing them on all your social media pages to improve your online presence. Unlike other companies, we do not have or offer any set default packages which may not work you. We listen to you and offer you a tailor made solution package at very affordable price.


Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions for Website

We have teamed up with Net Lawman to provide services for creating Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions for Websites. Net Lawman provides legal document templates and law related services to individuals and businesses who are looking for an alternative to using a traditional firm of lawyers. You can check their website www.netlawman.co.uk for more details and download the templates.



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