About Us

TEQNET Services Limited

So, you’ve decided that the IT system in your business needs an upgrade, or your website needs an overhaul, or you need your business to run more efficiently and you don’t know where to turn? Or you’ve read this magazine article or blog online, about how certain systems and infrastructures and software can save you money and time, but you’re not quite sure whether they would really be appropriate and what the cost would be? You’ve decided IT consultancy is the way forward, but you’re not quite sure who to approach?

It’s a bit of a minefield out there and a quick glance down the first page of a Google search gives you the names of hundred IT consultants all professing to give you the best advice.

So, who to choose?

TEQNET, of course. Let us explain why.

At TEQNET, our aim is to strip away the jargon and present things clearly to you. Most non-IT savvy people don’t know the difference between software like virtualization and cloud computing and don’t know whether they are appropriate for their business. What is right for one business is clearly not the same for another. That’s where we step in. We explain it all to you in simple terms so that you can make the best decision for your business.

How do we do that?

The first thing we do is listen. You tell us what you want and what you’re interested in. Tell us how your business works now and how you’d like it to be. There are always things that can be done better. You’re in business so you know that better than anyone. As do we.

After listening to what you want, we can advise how best to achieve it.

So, what’s our experience? And our expertise?

TEQNET has been running since May 2011, specialising in Client Server Technology, Data Centres and Website design. All our engineers have a very strong technical background and a long experience in their field. They are also adept at listening and communicating.

We offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of IT.

General IT Services

We provide you with a full maintenance service for all the IT technologies and processes within your organisation. By using the latest IT tools, we make sure your equipment is kept up-to-date and performing at the optimum standard, which will allow you to co-ordinate your business more efficiently.

Virtualization / Cloud Computing

We can help reduce the overall operating costs of your existing IT assets and systems by using more efficient technologies such as server virtualization, storage virtualization and cloud computing. And don’t worry, we will explain them all to you! The replacement of older mainframes with smaller blade server systems, using process automation along with the incorporation of better capacity planning, will help reduce the size of a single facility (or merge multiple facilities), and reduce the IT footprint of your business. This can help free up funding and resources for new developments within your organisation.

IT Security Consulting

TEQNET Services assists organisations in understanding and improving the security of their IT network via the use of the latest technologies.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Web Design and Social Media

Our talented team of Web designers can advise on your website and run it for you. We can design your site and maintain all your social media across all platforms.

So, whether it’s IT Consultancy, IT Services, IT Security, or Web Design, TEQNET have the answers for you.


Give us a call now. We’ll listen to your requirements and help achieve what you want!